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Apply For Best Credit Cards with 0% Interest on Balance Transfers

Most credit card companies offer financial rewards credit cards with 0% APR. One of the first cards which contained such return value was the MBNA 0 APR Credit Card. Though there isn’t anything in the market that quite compares to it, there are some similar programs that the MBNA came up with once the Bank of America took over.

While shopping for a new credit card, one has to look into the other benefits (apart from 0 APR) that are offered with these cards. So here is some information on a few financial rewards credit cards that consumers should look into:

  • American Express Cards:

The Bank of America (which has taken over MBNA) now provides the American Express Card that proffers a lot of advantages to the customers in a number of varieties. For example, the card for specific rewards program pays consumers back in points that can be used for services and products. Cards which offer airline miles on partnering airlines are also a good choice, while there is another card that presents cash rewards.

  • 0 APR MasterCard

Most of the MasterCards that come under the wing of MBNA 0 APR Credit Card Comparison are mainly affiliated with airlines, thus earning miles for the user. The UPromise Mastercard starts with an introductory offer of 0 APR value and stores away a part of the purchase value for the user’s childrens’ college fund. One can also use the rewards program or the platinum card which offers a wide range of advantages.

  • 0% Visa Credit Card

If those who like it really cheap, the solution is pretty easy since most of the Visa cards run on 0% interest rate. There are several offers to choose from, be it for earning points for making purchases or traveling, to earn cash or to receive discounts for some products and services. But the best choice would be the platinum card that provides 0% of APR, since even after the zero interest period expires, they continuously give low APRs.

What consumers should remember is that the offer of low or 0% APRs would stay valid only for a fixed period of time. While applying for the MBNA 0 APR Credit Card, one needs to compare each card’s benefits and features.

To skim the cream off the top, make enormous amount of purchases while the zero interest period is valid, and pay off the balances immediately. Once the period is over, consumers will most likely be charged for their purchases at the assigned rate.